Theme Options

Next you need to fill out your site details in the theme options.

The following options can be configured in your site’s gatsby-config.js

Site Metadata

    siteMetadata: {
    title: 'Static Fuse',
    description: 'Headless WordPress with Gatsby FTW.',
    author: 'Scott and Justin',
    twitter: '@staticfuse',
    siteUrl: '',

In your-theme/gatsby-config.js, edit the siteMetadata object with your site title, url, etc.

Note: siteUrl refers to your final website address. wordPressUrl in the plugin options refers to the WordPress site. For example, your WordPress site may be hosted at, but your Gatsby site will be at

Theme Options

  plugins: [
      resolve: `@staticfuse/gatsby-theme-publisher`,
      options: {
        starterPages: true,
        dynamicComments: 1,
        gaTrackingId: 0,
        wordPressUrl: '',
        blogURI: '/blog',
        mailChimpEndpoint: 0,
        // ...etc
Option Type Default Description
mailChimpEndpoint string/boolean 0 Your mailchimp endpoint. Set to 0 to disable.
dynamicComments boolean 1 Enable or disable dynamic comments. If enabled, anyone can post a comment.
gaTrackingId string/boolean 0 Your google analytics UA code. Set to 0 to disable Google Analytics.
wordPressUrl string "" The URL of your WordPress site
blogURI string The path prefix on the blog and blog posts. No leading slash. '/blog' would result in
starterPages boolean true Create a home, about, and contact page in Gatsby.
menuName string/boolean 0 The name of the WordPress menu you’d like to use or 0 if you don’t want to render a menu.
publisherMenuConfig array [] Optional array based way to configure the menu. More info here.