Installing the Publisher Theme

First you need to download the theme, which is a Gatsby project.



  1. git clone
  2. cd into the folder cd create-gatsby-theme-publisher
  3. Install dependencies yarn
  4. Install WPGraphQL plugin on your WordPress site
  5. Configure your site options in gatsby-config.js
  6. gatsby develop to start the local server
  7. Add your logo and customize the theme
  8. Publish to Netlify or any host.

Adding to an existing project

You can also add this theme to an existing Gatsby site.

  1. yarn add @staticfuse/gatsby-theme-publisher
  2. In your gatsby-config.js :

    plugins: [
      resolve: `@staticfuse/gatsby-theme-publisher`,
      options: {
        starterPages: true,
        mailChimpEndpoint: 0,
        dynamicComments: 1,
        gaTrackingId: 0,
        wordPressUrl: ``, // The url of your WordPress install
        blogURI: '/blog' // Your posts page, change to whatever you'd prefer