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Themes, plugins, and workflow tips to make headless WordPress easy for freelancers and agencies.


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Screenshot of the publisher theme

Gatsby Publisher Theme

The Publisher theme is a customizable framework that helps you create a static site from your WordPress data. It does all the heavy lifting so you can focus on designing and customizing your site. View on Github, or learn how to use it in our tutorial.

Publisher Theme

The Gatsby Publisher theme serves as the base for headless WordPress development. It is opinionated and customizable.

Gatsby Toolkit Plugin

The Gatsby Toolkit plugin for WordPress handles automated deployment for your site. More features are coming soon.

Open Source

Our tools are open source, our goal is to educate and help modernize WordPress websites.

Why Static Fuse?

When we started building sites with Gatsby we loved it. As we got further along, we found it difficult to put all the pieces that we wanted together. We would grab a starter WordPress theme and some plugins, but it felt like a patchwork quilt, not a solid base that we’d use again.

We wanted to create a line of themes and plugins that are opinionated, reliable, and reusable. Working with headless WordPress, there are other concerns like deployment and integrations. These are all problems we’d like to solve, in a way that can be reliable for freelancers and agencies.